Software Engineering

We develop high availability software for Java/J2EE, PHP and .NET platforms.

We use the latest tools and technologies for building Rich Internet Applicacions (RIA) over Web 2.0.

We manage and audit projects: doing benchmarking, quality assurance and Agile methodologies.

We upgrade legacy software doing a smooth transition to more modern systems.

e-Business Consulting

We provide consulting about every aspect related to technology.

We study, modelize and improve business processes for:

  • customer relationships management (CRM)
  • enterprise resources management (ERP)
  • projects management
  • document management (ECM)
  • web contents management (CMS)

Applications Integration





Systems Administration

We configure servers under Linux, Solaris or Windows.

We install and tune-up databases:
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle y SQL Server.

We replace physical servers by virtual machines.

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